Top 5 Best Hosting Providers For Good Affiliate Program

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The days are gone when you were supposed to spend hours in offices to earn the right amount of money. Making good money has become a piece of cake, but it asks a lot of awareness. The digital world provides the people with the facility of making money while resting on their couches.

But it is not that easy, you need an in-depth knowledge of the ways, and as the digital world feeds on connection, you need to have strong connections and influence.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most excited yet preferred for earning a handsome amount of money in no time. It refers to the promotion of a particular service, website, or product and adding a new consumer to their list.

Out of several affiliated marketing providers in the market, the web hosting companies are most preferred for their affiliated marketing service as they make you earn more.

To get that extra money, you need to bring extra signups on their website. The simple principle of affiliate marketing with web hosting companies is that if they get benefited, they will share the benefits.

If you are a student, homemaker, a small businessman, or for that matter, anyone who wants extra income can go for affiliate marketing and fill your pockets. This article will put light on the five best companies providing hosting affiliate programs.

Top 5 best hosting affiliate program


Bluehost is the most preferred hosting service for beginners as well as experts because its extensive features are outstanding. It is affordable, as well.

So, if you can add an extra consumer to their family, they provide you with the following perks:

  • You can earn up to 65$ per sign up made by a visitor referred by you.
  • You need to promote its banner and links on your social media accounts to bring visitors to the site.


Kinsta provides premium WordPress hosting to all the small, medium, and large businesses. Its outstanding speed and secure network make it stand out.

To make money from Kinsta, you need to preach these perks of the company to others.

It will provide you with perks such as,

  • By referring to Kinsta, you can earn up to $500 for every referral.
  • Their perks also comprise 10% Monthly recurring lifetime commissions
  • They provide you 60-day monitoring Cookies to ensure you get credited for sale.
  • The earnings are paid at a 60-day conversion window.

WP Engine

The hosting service, which is specifically designed to provide the best hosting experience in WordPress, is also providing you an opportunity to earn via them.

For referring their banners and links in your contacts, you get a step closer to fill your pockets. As soon as they get signup by your referral, the money is yours.

The affiliate program of WP Engine has the following perks for you:

  • By using the WP Engine affiliate program, you can earn up to $200 minimum commissions for WP Engine sales and up to 35% of StudioPress theme sales.
  • It offers exclusive, custom discounts, and promotions that you can refer to your connections.
  • With the super long affiliate cookies, you can get the credit for all WP Engine referrals made within 180 days or 60 days.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting service is one of the most trusted hosting service providers in the world known for its speed, security, and easiness.

Their service of ‘Refer-a-Friend’ gives you a chance to make some extra income.

The perks of its affiliate program include:

  • You get to earn a $50 hosting credit for each sign up they get from your reference.
  • If the account you referred has been active for 30-days, you get the money credit in your account.

Site Ground

 Being the favorite of several businesses for its hosting service, it also provides you with an opportunity to earn via referring them.

  • The perks you get on bringing a new consumer to them include:
  • They follow the theory of more you refer, the higher the commission per sale.
  • You can earn up to $100 per sale using the affiliate program of site ground.

Final Words: These were the five best hosting affiliate programs. Each has its perks; you can choose anyone out of them to earn extra.

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