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Top 5 best cloud hosting for WordPress (Updated 2020)

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The digital world feeds on the server. The server provides the speed and place to operate the digital happenings. In this era, there are multiple ways to connect to the server, which is coined as hosting. The increase in digital world competition has fostered many forms of hostings. Where shared hosting dominated the digital world initially, nowadays, users prefer cloud hosting for their blogging and for managing their various websites.

One of the leading websites used for blogging purposes in WordPress. Which also relies on a hosting server to functioning.

In this article, we will discuss the five best cloud hosting for WordPress.

But before moving to that, let’s understand the term cloud hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting refers to renting the virtual computing space to a user. It is a virtual private server which offers many advantages to its users including

  • Powerful server
  • High speed
  • No limitation of websites
  • Host unlimited websites
  • Manage your sites your way

Now let us analyze 5 best clouds hosting for WordPress


This cloud hosting apt best for the beginners who have no idea about How to manage VPS?. Users looking for cloud hosting for WordPress can opt for this hosting as its services suits every blogger’s needs.

Its services include

SEO services- Search Engine Optimization is responsible for increasing the traffic on your webpage or WordPress page. Bluehost provides you with the service creates custom content for your website to enhance its search can Access weekly reports for your SEO keywords across search engines and work according to that.

Its other services include

  • Full-Service website
  • Pay per click services
  • Website migration

Its basic plan provides storage of 30 Gb SSD

Dream Host

Dream host guarantees fast, secure & always up web hosting service so that you can inbuild trust within your visitors and search engine.

Its services include

  • It is super easy to use. The custom control panel is straightforward and can work best for beginners as well as advanced users.
  • It is full-featured, which means you can do more than just web hosting.
  • It is fast and reliable, and because of that, it prevents you from losing your visitors and search engine rankings.
  • In present, WordPress Hosting Starting @ $2.59/mo
  • Its basic plan provides storage of 80 Gb SSD

Site ground

It is one of the top-rated cloud hosting companies due to its reliability.

Siteground’s primary services for WordPress includes

  • It automatically updates WordPress and has automated WordPress installation.
  • Its security and updates are well managed.
  • It gives a general WordPress performance with its high speed. It is built on top of the Google Cloud Platform.
  • It provides a free domain name for a year.
  • Its basic plan provides storage of 40 Gb SSD.

Inmotion hosting

Inmotion hosting is a leading web hosting company as it provides a better experience in hosting.

Its major services include

  • It builds a WordPress website in two days for $99
  • An expert uniquely designs the site with extensive features.
  • It provides fast web hosting by using solid-state drives, PHP 7, and customer service caching.
  • It provides a secure server that prevents your website from getting hacked.
  • It is optimized for E-commerce as well.
  • It provides users with the facility of free backup of the website content.
  • Its basic plan provides storage of 75 Gb SSD.


Hostgator cloud hosting can be relied upon as it has excellent functionality.

Its major services include

  • It provides a pre-installed jetpack, i.e., it does not require hard coding as you can choose from hundreds of readily available themes, plugins, and services.
  • It provides enhanced performance for the WordPress website.
  • It auto-updates any patches or version grade launched by WordPress.
  • You can customize your website as per your requirements at no cost as it provides full access to the control unit.
  • Its basic plan provides storage of 120 Gb SSD.

Conclusion: So these were the five best cloud hosting companies for WordPress. Apart from them, there are hundreds of such companies providing the same facility, but the outstanding services of these companies have brought them to the chart. You can opt for any one of the mentioned five depending on your requirements and budget.

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