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Different types of mortgage loans-You must Know

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If you want to learn about different types of mortgage loans, please read carefully. Here we discussed what type of mortgage loans. But before we start I must suggest you please read our type of insurance plan

Learn Different Types of Basic mortgage loans


Fixed-Rate Mortgage:

This is a very safe plan because of their consistency- Yes their consistency is very awesome. They won’t charge extra over the life of your loan. In this plan, They’re available in 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40-year terms but the most common age is between 15 to 30.

The Interest-Only Mortgage:

Instead of the full payment, the Interest-only mortgages give you the option for monthly payment. Yes, you heard right. They charge only monthly payments. the rest of the mortgage is fully paid off by conventional mortgage.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM):

You can call it ARM Loans or 5/1 loan. The Adjustable-Rate Mortgage loan is very easy to understand. the interest rate always stays the same for the 5 five years. And then Adjustable-Rate Mortgage is free to change for the remaining 25 years.

FHA Loans:

I like FHA Loans because they charge (Which is down payment) a very small amount of money compared to their loans. 

VA Loans:

For veterans of the U.S. armed forces, These loans make it easier, and sometimes their spouses, to buy homes or other things. They don’t require any down payment and are guaranteed by the DVA.

Combo or Piggyback:

If you put a down of less then 15-20% then this loan combo occurs, and a combination of two loans. to avoid any private Mortgage.


For a certain period of time, you have to pay on a balloon mortgage. five years for example — And then the total amount is due after this initial period that’s it.


For the Federal Government Jamboo refers to a mortgage that is very big. The total limit is around 600,000$ to 7000,000$. which means that the borrower wouldn.’t get the lowest interest rates. with a smaller loan plan.

Final words: We have discussed what type of mortgage and how mortgage work, but before you choose you must take your financial expert consultant. if you have any query please feel free to ask me about mortgage loans. have a good day.

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