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Best VPS server provider in India (Updated)

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The increase in digital competition has resulted in the emergence of many web hosting service providers, which guarantee the best web hosting experience.

People or organizations who are looking forward to developing a website or program need web hosting. In the market, there are various kinds of hostings available such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting server, cloud server, and virtual private Server.

Out of all other types of hosting services, virtual Private Server or VPS is very much preferred by

Economic retailer– who needs to manage high traffic on their website with a high-speed network

Developer– who needs to manage software configuration with a strong network

Blogger– who needs a cost-effective server to handle the blogs on his website

Due to its extensive and affordable features, VirtualPrivate Server is becoming the first choice of people looking forward to a web hosting service. This article will look into some of the best Virtual Private Server providing companies in India;

What is Virtual Service Provider?

VPS or virtual service provider is a physical server that is distributed into several virtual servers, where each server is different from each other and has its applications and customizations. It let the users meet the high-level customization feature of DDs at a reasonable cost.

Here is the top 5 Best VPS provider in India

The growth of digital usage in India has been increased in the last decade. The increased number of businesses, online retailers, and programmers are using web hosting servers to manage their website to reach a maximum number of audience. It has increased to several companies providing web hosting services in India.
Some of the best VPS providers in India are listed below:

Miles Web

Miles web is considered as the best VPS Hosting Service provider in India due to its extensive features.
Features of Miles Web
1. It uses solid-state drives, which provides better performance and reliability. It makes the Server fast and durable.
2. It provides free VPS MAnagement, which includes the optimization of the VPS server without any additional charges.
It provides a resource monitoring dashboard that enables you to reboot VPS, check the server load, and manage other optimization of the VPS server.

Dedicated Core

The dedicated core is the first choice of many developers as it provides an excellent support system.
Features of Dedicated core It provides various VPS plans, and you can choose anyone based on your requirements.

  1. Its cloud-based infrastructure provides a Solid 100 Gbps network capacity. It is secure and hassles free, which prevents your website from getting hacked or any other cyber theft.
  2. It provides a complete Hosting program as it has Various OS distributions, IP add-ons, and instant cPanel.

Domain Racer

The exciting features of Domain Racer are grabbing the attraction of a lot of developers.
Features of Domain Racer

  1. It provides free site-building features keeping in mind that every user is not a web designer.
  2. Its cloud-based infrastructure has Solid 40 Gbps network capacity and enterprise-class.
  3. It features powerful hardware where servers are powered by multi-core (20 cores / 40 threads) Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 processors.
  4. It provides a secure connection and guarantees high performance.

A2 Hosting

A lot of developers and beginners prefer A2 hosting in India as it guarantees to speed performance.
Features of A2 Hosting

  1. It provides unlimited SSD space, which promotes better performance.
  2. It promises you easy and free site migration.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the Server, then you can get your money back as it gives a moneyback guarantee.
  4. Its customer service is always available to solve your queries and troubleshoot your website problems.

Digital Ocean

It is one of the leading hosting server providers in India. Along with all other hosting services, its VPS service is very much used in India.

Features of Digital Ocean

  1. It has the utmost flexibility, which allows you to delete, upgrade, create, restart your Server in minutes without any hindrance.
  2. It is very much apt for developers as it uses Kubernetes to improve stability, scalability, and resource efficiency of applications.
  3. It has inbuilt CDN, which enables you to store assets, media, and more using spaces subject storage.

These were some of the best VPS service providers in India. Apart from them, there are many more. You can choose any of them to meet your requirements.

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