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Top 6 Shared Hosting Company For your New Blog or Website

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Today I am going to tell you the best-shared hosting plan for your small blog or website. if you are a beginner or have a shortage of money I would like to suggest you go for shared hosting. but after growing your business, you should move on Cloud hosting, Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting.


Best Shared hosting for a new blog or website

Before buying any shared hosting you must know about these technical things. like: Storage, Bandwidth, Up time-downtime, etc. Let’s start:


Before I start my business I used various types of hosting companies. So I can give you the best review. I suggest you choose any hosting bases on Good server speed time, Good bandwidth and good storage. If you are a newbie blogger I must be recommended you to buy NAMECHEAP Stellar plan.

Storage: 20 GB SSD (high speed compared to HDD)
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Add Websites: Up to 3 website
Regular Price: $44.71/year (But you can buy now only 1.90$ p/m


Bluehost offers a free domain with their shared hosting plan for one year. Bluehost easy to use and a very good interface. I recommended you Bluehost because of its offer you free SSL, Unmetered Bandwidth, Standard Performance and many more. for new blog or website, it will be an awesome choice.

Storage: 50 GB SSD Storage
Bandwidth: Unmetered Bandwidth
Add Websites: 1 Website
Regular Price: 7.99$ (but you can buy now only $3.95)


And another very good shared hosting is the HostGator shared hosting plan, there are many plans are available on the HostGator website. but I recommend you to choose the Hatchling Plan. because Hatchling Plan charges you only 2.75$ per month. which is very affordable for a new blogger or webmasters. if you can spend $4 monthly then I suggest you choose a Baby Plan, because in this plan you will get the free SSL certificate, free domain, and unlimited domain addon. which is very good for a beginner.

Storage: Unmetered
Bandwidth: Unmetered Bandwidth
Add Websites: Unlimited Domains
Regular Price: 3.59$ (Baby plan)


if you are looking for the best hosting for a cheap price, I recommended you milesweb web hosting. because milesweb offers you unlimited bandwidth, C panel, free SSL certificate, 3 MySQL database, 10 email account, you can host in Tyro plan ( which is starter plan). but if you need everything is unlimited I would like to suggest you go with Turbo plan. in this plan, everything is unlimited which is very good for your business.

Storage: Unlimited SSD Disk Space
Bandwidth: Unlimited Bandwidth
Add Websites: Host Unlimited Websites
Regular Price: 285 p/m (Turbo plan)


If you want to host your blog/website for Indian Audience I suggest you start your blog with reseller club shared hosting. the club offers you a very awesome service. there are available for shared hosting ex: PERSONAL, BUSINESS and PRO. if you have a good budget recommend you to start your blog with a BUSINESS plan. because in this plan you will get Unmetered Disk Space, Unmetered Data Transfer, Unlimited Email Accounts, Free cPanel, and Free SSL Certificate.

Storage: Unmetered Disk Space
Bandwidth: Unmetered Data Transfer
Add Websites: 3 Domains
Regular Price: 250 mo. (Business plan)


If you need a very basic website with Limited function you can go with Godaddy starter plan, but I suggest you choose the Deluxe plan. because in the starter plan there are very limited services. but in the Deluxe plan, you will get Unlimited websites, Unlimited storage, and unlimited subdomains.

Storage: Unlimited storage
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Add Websites: Unlimited subdomains
Regular Price: 299.00/mo (Delux plan)

Final Words: My point of view I would like to suggest you Namecheap hosting and miles web hosting because. This hosting is very cheap and the best. even if you purchased a wrong domain from Namecheap they will refund your money to your account (within 48 hours) so, Namecheap is won here.

If you have any query please feel free to ask me in the comment section, I will give you the best suggestion to choose good shared hosting.

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